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Filename=6-30-2016.jpg Filesize=812KB Dimensions=2047x1397 Date added=Jul 07, 2016
The Grex Club's float for the 1911 Fourth of July ParadeThe Grex Club, sponsored by the First Congregational Church, existed for only 9 years but during that time was extremely active in Willimantic events. It sponsored several sports teams and hosted many dances and minstrels.
Filename=6-23-2016.JPG Filesize=58KB Dimensions=799x481 Date added=Jun 23, 2016
Pollack's Mill addition This photo shows the construction of an addition to the Pollack Mill (also known as the Conantville Mill). The older section of the mill later became home to the famous Shaboo nightclub. Since this addition was on the backside of the mill, it was not often seen by patrons of the place, who mostly arrived after dark and entered the front door next to the big Shaboo Inn sign. Thank you to Walker for the added information.
Filename=6-16-2016-adj.jpg Filesize=262KB Dimensions=1503x1081 Date added=Jun 22, 2016
Green Meadows Inn This was the Green Meadows Inn which was located at 1510 West Main Street (just about where Capitol Garage is today). It was popular not only as a restaurant but also a banquet hall and a meeting place for local organizations. It closed in 1943 after a fire that was later determined to have been set by the operator of the Inn.
Filename=6-9-2016a.jpg Filesize=256KB Dimensions=1455x942 Date added=Jun 09, 2016
The Old Type Shop in South WindhamThe old type shop which is located on Type Road in Windham. In 1878, it was operated by the American Wood Type Company. The company moved from South Windham in 1904 after its latest owner, Tubbs Wood Type, sold out to a Michigan company.
Filename=5-19-2016-maybe.jpg Filesize=511KB Dimensions=2047x1152 Date added=May 19, 2016
Smith-Winchester's "shop oxen"Roy Doubleday leads the “shop oxen” from the Smith-Winchester Manufacturing Company. The photo was taken in front of the original South Windham bridge over the Shetucket River.
Filename=4-21-2016-pow.JPG Filesize=295KB Dimensions=1150x1754 Date added=Apr 28, 2016
Telegraph Wire stringingThis photo was taken in back of the Willimantic railroad station and shows workmen stringing Western Union telegraph lines. The poles were also used by the telephone company and for electric power lines that originated at the Willimantic Electric Light Company. The footbridge can be seen in the background.
Filename=4-14-2016-pow-a.jpg Filesize=584KB Dimensions=2047x1428 Date added=Apr 13, 2016
Cattle Exhibition at the FairgroundsThis is a cattle exhibition at the Willimantic Fairgrounds (now Rec Park). The Willimantic Fair began in 1877 and was originally sponsored by the “Willimantic Farmers’ Club”. After sponsorship went to The Willimantic Fair Association, horse racing became the main attraction. But at the beginning, the Farmers’ Club wanted to focus on cattle and gardening exhibitions so that the fair “would not degenerate into a simple horse trot”.
Filename=picofweek.jpg Filesize=247KB Dimensions=1490x1018 Date added=Aug 17, 2014
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