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Filename=tc-stmary-oldschool-b.jpg Filesize=309KB Dimensions=864x383 Date added=Mar 09, 2013
The old Saint Mary SchoolThis photo was taken from the parish's 1993 family photo album. The part of the building on the far right would have been closest to Valley Street. The Rectory roof is partly visible in the picture's lower left hand corner.
Filename=May20.jpg Filesize=104KB Dimensions=1024x552 Date added=May 20, 2011
Adams and Company Meat MarketPic of the Week - May 20, 2011
In this pic, we'll start with the building at the very left of the picture. That is 931 Main St. and was once known as "the Gelinas Block" and then "the Mazzola Block". The middle building (with the Eagle Ale sign) is the saloon of Arthur McQuillan. McQuillans was a popular spot. Notice that the sign actually spells his name wrong. While it was "McQuillan in newspaper ads and the city directory, the sign says "McQuillian" - with an extra "i". Maybe it was painted by a patron who had one too many. The building on the right of McQuillan's (the two story house with a business on the street level) was 921-927 Main St. with "S. Adams and Co. Meat Market" at 921. Today it is the site of the Willimantic Public Library. Determining street numbers of past buildings is not always an exact science when applying them to today's buildings. The Library today is listed at 905 Main. Many of the buildings in earlier years consisted of 2 or more addresses depending upon how many floors a building had. But we'll happily accept any corrections

Filename=3942.JPG Filesize=254KB Dimensions=1741x1375 Date added=Nov 24, 2015
The "new" Armory Pleasant Street looking East. Photo courtesy of Windham Historical Society.
Filename=tc-windhams-d.jpg Filesize=159KB Dimensions=1024x654 Date added=Oct 31, 2012
pow 7-5-2012.jpg
Filename=pow 7-5-2012.jpg Filesize=236KB Dimensions=900x608 Date added=Jul 06, 2012
Harris Jewelry Factory - North WindhamPic of the Week - July 6, 2012 The Harris Jewelry factory was located between the Cape cod type house (621 N.Windham Rd.) and the 2 car garage just a bit down the Rd. owned by Ken Phillips. The stairs to the factory are still visible. Directly behind it was another large brick factory owned by Lester Hartson where wooden spools for American thread were manufactured. Ken Phillips had the building removed sometime around 1987. Back in the 185os a man named Lincoln had a general store and post office in the general location.

Filename=December18.jpg Filesize=76KB Dimensions=1024x731 Date added=Dec 18, 2010
Pollack MillThe Max Pollack Mill in Conantville. This would eventually become the Shaboo. Pic of the Week December 18, 2010
Filename=fb-10d.jpg Filesize=80KB Dimensions=658x535 Date added=Jun 20, 2015
Maurice Beaulieu - Barkers
Filename=stan-29tc.jpg Filesize=850KB Dimensions=575x1080 Date added=Feb 12, 2013
Horace Hall Elixir Pro BottleHorace Hall was a local merchant, dealing in "groceries, provisions, flour, grain, and meal. Also Drugs, Medicines, dye stuffs, Paints, and oils" He was a Justice of the Peace for the Town of Windham and a superintendent of the Windham Cotton Manufacturing Company. He died in 1882. (Photo courtesy of Stan)